Planning Permission

Planning Permission Applications

Wilde Trice can provide a complete in-house Architectural design and planning service. We can survey and assess your existing building and provide a range of design solutions for your project. We also can provide an interior design service as well as an ‘eco-assessment’ energy survey to identify green solutions for the initial construction and the long term life cycle costs of the building. Wilde Trice Chartered Surveyors can provide all of this service in-house with Chartered Building Surveyors, Chartered Architectural Technologists and Accredited Energy Assessors.

Our service includes

  • An initial site meeting and property appraisal.

  • A full structural survey of the existing building and land.

  • The preparation of schematic designs.

  • The preparation of detailed designs.

  • 3D CGI imagery/modelling of the finished scheme.

  • Preparation and submission of the planning application.

  • Management of the planning application through to the successful completion.

Please now review the ‘Building Regulations’ section for the next phase.

Building Regulation Applications

Once your planning permission is approved, you will also need Building Regulations Approval for your project. This process involves updating your design drawings to include all the technical detail and specification of works regarding the actual construction. The drawings will be submitted to your Local District Council – Building Control Department for approval. Building Regulations Approval is a legal requirement and is just as important as Planning Permission – you are unable to start works without this. You will also need a Building Control Completion Certificate when you come to sell the property as evidence that the works comply with appropriate regulations.

WildeTrice can offer a technical design service whereby we develop the planning permission approved drawings into detailed technical construction drawings for submission and approval by the Building Control department of the Local Authority.

We can also provide a technical consultancy and construction monitoring service to ensure that your project is in accordance with current best practice standards, acceptable quality and current building regulations.