Dilapidations (Landlord)

Wilde Trice provide Landlords with a professional, fast and clear appraisal of Tenants dilapidations liability. With our expertise on current legislation and building condition, we can advise on the best tactical approach at the end of a commercial lease to ensure a suitable result for the Landlord. Whether we are pursuing a monetary claim or enforcing repair works our pro-active approach to the dilapidation situation ensures fast results. Our bespoke service means we can inspect the property and provide immediate cost advice on the dilapidations, but also project manage the building repairs on your behalf. This ensures that the property is available for reletting to new Tenants within the shortest possible turn-around time frame.

Dilapidations (Tenant)

Occupiers of commercial property require cost certainty when relocating or downsizing their operations. We can provide early advice on the possible extent of a dilapidations liability and advise you on the most economic exit strategy from the premises. This can sometimes include the Tenant undertaking the reinstatement and repair works under our close supervision and this often significantly reduces the potential claim at the end of the Lease. We would always advise corporate occupiers to start assessing the dilapidations situation in the last 12 months of the term to ensure the appropriate strategy can be developed. Our expertise and professional advice can allow the Tenant to settle the claim quickly and at the best value without the need for a prolonged legal dispute.